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I cummed so much after this technique.... This is my first technique to ever try on this site and it was so worth it. I got naked and layed down on my bed and started out soft when i started the circular motion it took about 15 min or so to get the hang of things but ugh it felt awesome! I shot my legs out as i came all over my stomach and chest!

Honestly, it took about an hour for me to do it. I usually go really fast with regular strokes, but this one tested me. I guess the product was the closest I'll ever feel to having a female orgasm... dang.

oh my god.....

Guys, do you do this technique with your eyes closed or watchin porn during?

Holy Crap that was Intense! I just stumbled onto this site so i thought i'd give it a go, might be good after all. And oh my god! i was in that room 30, 45 minutes and i didn't even notice time passing once i'd found it. I mean shit, if women get that with the g spot I can see why they want us to spend ages looking for it. Second load of the day and it must've been at least 6 spurts, I mean crap, thats some powerful stuff. You got yourself a new... i don't even know what but i know i'll be coming back to this site.

This is a fantastic orgasm. I have done this to friends and they love it because I not only control their orgasm but also create an orgasm much stronger than they can get themselves. It is a magic way to masturbate.

Wow, truly the best way to masturbate
took about 15 minutes and I was twitching and jerking uncontrolably

i just tried it and the effect was simply earth shakin good i legit had to clean up the floor and take a shower but it was well werth it i hae no shame hahahahahahahahaahahahaha

Can you do it if you're circumcised? I spent 45 minutes trying to do this and felt nothing, maybe I don't have a frenulum?

I tried this last night. I was unsure how long it would take me to find the "sweet spot" but I found it after about three minute of play. After rubbing it after only 15 minutes it started to feel reallly great. My breathing got really fast and I could feel my dick getting harder and harder. Suddenly I knew I was going to cum any minute. I could feel the sperm starting to enter the base of my dick and filling up my dick rising slowly. my dick started to spasm as it was filling up with my semen and then it shot. My dick bucked and shot rope after rope of cum all over my stomach. It just kept jerking on it's own & finally calmed down. It was like my dick was in charge of my whole body and felt ubelieveable. I have never felt my dick spasm like that in my life. I can't wait to try this method again and other methods on this site.

I've tried quite a few of these techniques and I have to say, this is in the top two. Possible number one. I was trying this, and didn't think it would work. But after a while, I really started to feel it kick in. But oh my god, when I came, I don't know what happened. Everything went blurry, and I went from where I was standing to a kinda slumped position, because it felt AMAZING. I have never felt anything this good when combined with the stop and go method. I actually started regaining my "consciousness'and then realized i was STILL cumming. Twas the best thing ever. 'Nuff said

Another variation on this great technique: Use your thumb, index and middle finger (one hand only) on the head. The thumb massages the corona of the glans, the index finger the meatus/slit, and the middle finger the frenulum as described. You can vary the amount of motion of each finger for different sensations, or move them all together. As before, don't flex the PC muscle; just let it all happen. When it does, it's awesome in the extreme!

wow!!! this is amazing!

this technique feels like nothing for a while and then all of a sudden your penis feels like a railgun. You will come out everything you have.

damn seems fun cant find the spot

it basicaly took me 2 mins to get started but once it did. WOW!!!!
lets just say, i had to clean up alot!

i realy suggest this to everyone, it really is the best.

Amazing. I remember first seeing this technique featured here circa 1999! Still my favorite, though I have a variation suggestion to share. Though it may depend on your penis size, personally I find it much more comfortable to just use one hand for this. I hold the penis on its sides with the thumb and middle finger, and gently rub the sweet spot with the index finger. This leaves a hand free to stimulate a nipple (which I love to enhance this technique with) or whatever else you need it for.

This is one awesome technique.

For those who want to know where the "sweet spot" is for this technique it is just under the head of the penis on the underside of your penis. It is a loose piece of skin and is called the frenulum. It may take awhile to start to get the pleasurable sensations when rubbing this area so you need to be patient and keep doing it for a number of minutes (even 15 minutes or so). It will eventually become more sensitive and when it does you will see why this is such an amazing technique. Remember the key here is to take your time and let the sensations build. When you finally do come it will be very intense.

If you like edging, this is the technique for you. The first time you use it, it'll take 15 minutes or so to get to the point where you think you'll blow your load. Your whole body will be spasming and focussed on the "sweet spot". But it's relatively easy to stop with this method. Then, rest or do something else for a few minutes. When you're ready, start again. As long as you don't come, it'll take less time each time, until you'll have a semi-permanent erection and 30 seconds of touching will get you back to the edge. After playing with this method for a couple of years, I can edge for a week. Be aware, though, that you may have a spontaneous emission--I've had it happen when I got up from a sitting position, and that can be embarrassing.

Is it possible that my sweet spot is ON my penis head and not under it?
If it's under I just can't find it...
Please help me

Where is the "sweet spot"?

I really want to try this technique, but I don't know where the sweet spot is.

Where is the sweet spot? I don't know where it is.

This was absolutely incredible.

I had been in a bit of a "slump" recently trying various things to get a better orgasm, and while some stuff was better than others, I still was basically just having ejaculations that were of the "plop" variety... I tried this last night and once I got the hang of it, it was totally amazing... it built and built and then BLAST sperm flew into the air and came down on my shirt...

Thank you so much for sharing this.

Up until now I had only used the fist method but last night after reading about this I decided to try it and OMG it was unbelievable! I followed the directions exactly above and also used the stop and go method when I felt I was about to shoot but wanted to hold off longer(I lasted 30 minutes which is way longer than usual for me). The feelings were incredible and when I finally did shoot I came harder than I ever have before all over my chest and even hitting my face with some it! It was amazing and I will be using this method alot more in the future! Thanks!
Tom - 15

Amazing. I did it for about 1 hour and when I finally came my cum flew in to the air really far and the juices didn't stop flowing for a minute straight! I felt drained and amazing.

I've been using this technique for a couple of years now, since you introduced me to it, and it's definitely now my very favourite for a long, pleasurable session. I've introduced a mechanical element into it now, inspired by a couple of Klixen videos; strap a small vibrator ("lady finger", for example) to the underside of your penis. It doesn't matter if you're hard when you begin, you very soon will be. I use an adjustable cock ring at the base to hold the bottom of the vibe, and, believe it or not, a suitably-sized girl's hair elastic at the top, just below the glans. Vary the speed of the vibe; start slow and gentle and you don't need to get a tired hand. As your penis engorges, the cock ring will tighten and the vibe will be in more intimate contact with your frenulum, too. After an hour or two, you'll be on the verge of exploding. Try NOT to flex the PC muscle; you'll last longer and feel better, just like the one-fingered circle. Another amazing orgasm will ensue. Have fun!

Oh my god, this gave me the BEST orgasm ever! It takes a while before you shoot, but when you do it is amazing!
-14 Colorado

Since I have found this site, I have attempted the technique and have received great pleasure from it but have never been able to orgasm. I have gone nearly 2 hours straight sometimes but either my arm gets sore from the movement, my pre-cum causes me to lose my grip or I simply lose the spot and am unable to keep the pleasure building.

An illustration or further info on this great technique would be of help since it is still the only technique next to extended sessions using "The Crook" that have made me actually shiver while masturbating.

It's too much for me to use this technique all the way through. I usually end up stroking normal by reflex when I start jackin'. If you use this the whole way through, then you might as well have a clitoris :p

What I like to do is starting jerking normal, then when I feel like I've worked myself close to the point-of-no-return, I switch to massaging the "sweet spot" for the remainder, until my load starts shooting out. I'm usually compelled to switch back to full jerks after reaching this point (for that all-over coverage sensation), until I've milked my shots out completely.

Still a good technique. I've been using it in this fashion ever since I first read about it here a while back.

Best method in jackinworld. Definatly the most Powerful selfinduced orgasm that can be had.

I didn't even know I could cum that much. This was fucking awesome.

Other than the sheer enjoyment of a fabulous orgasm, the neatest thing to me about this one is I can get started when soft!


It took me a minute or two to find that spot, but once I did...IT WAS AMAZING! It felt sooooo good.

Also, its important to mention that you should be ready to clean up afterward!

I just wanna say, thank you. That was the first time that I ever masturbated and it was great. It was so great I couldn't even control myself. I came like, 7 times. I'll definately
be doing this again in the future, but I'll do it naked and with a bunch of paper towels. Wow, I remember when I used to think masturbation was for
losers with no game, but now, I think everyone should do this. Again, Thanks.


Holy crap! that was just....awesome! i came a lot more than usual! it might take a while but its derinfatley worth it. i squirted like 5 times. gonna use this again and again!

Wow that gave me one of the best orgasms I have had in quite a while. I'm definately uding this one again.

Since reading here about this technique, its about the only one I use. It seems almost immediately to bring me up to that intense early pre-orgasmic plateau that requires a long time to reach with other methods. It also doesn't depend on starting with a full erection, nice for us seniors. It allows prolonged enjoyment - several times I have edged with this method for 2 1/2 hours at a time. Having a circling session several days in a row without orgasm will build up the store of semen and lead to a smashing orgasm at the end of a final long session. Here are three variations I tend alternate with the simple steady circling technique. First, you can vary the circling speed, alternating 20 slow with 10 fast circles as describe elsewhere for other "grips." Second, occasionally change from circling to a straight line "push-pull" - move the point of contact of the index finger a bit further out the shaft from the sweet spot you use for circling. Then bend and straighten the finger to alternately push the skin down the shaft and pull it up toward the head, bumping into the erectile tissue underneath just a hair with each back and forth. This will mimic the rhythmic action of intercourse when the penis has penetrated deeply and the head bumps against the end of the vaginal canal. You will soon feel contractions start in rhythm with your push-pull. Back off before its to late. Third, you can break finger contact with the penis and place your thumb just below the frenulum and stretch the skin between the thumb and your grip at the base of the penis. Vary the grip to get the right amount of strectch. Then brush the tip of the middle or middle and ring finger in a circle over the sweet spot, making the lightest contact to tickle the sweet spot. Go from broad circles slowly down to a very tight circle just on the center of the sweet spot, then repeat. This light tickling will induce a new sort of sensation, bringing you closer to orgasm. Do it for 50 to 200 feather-light circles, then when the tension start to build too badly, go back to basic contact circling at a slow rate and you'll back off from orgasm again. This allows you to build toward orgasm in two alternating ways, with different pleasure sensations from each.

I don't really understand how this works - can uncut guys do it too?

Oh my fucking god this was AMAZING!!! Try it or DIE!

i always have trouble with this one and i really really want to it. i can never find the spot. and when i do i lose it when i get harder. any advice?

i have done that since i was i4 years old, it does feel good and really does the trick, you will never stop wanting to do it that way once you have done it i am now older a bit not y much may be in my 30's and still enjoy it and if you have a friend do it it, feels that much metter, try it you will like it i really do and still do i do not remember what made me start dioing it that way bu i am glad i did one fingured motion at the base of your penis what a way to ejaculate


I like this technique for my lover, he is 63 yrs old and I am 73;still unable to pump longer and hold off the orgasm.What about withdrawal or change position? hyacintha

hello, this is joe! i want to talk about the youngerhoud

This technique is SUPER awesome!! I will definitely be trying this again soon. The resulting orgasm had to be one of my best yet!! May seem like its going nowhere at first, but keep with it and the ending will blow you away!!

THIS WAS AWESOME!!!!! You can literally feel the intense orgasm rise with the cemen.... But it can take a while. So if you're in a hurry, jerk off with your hand like normal until you start to feel the very beginnings of orgasm. Then start to do the circle method. It works great.

Oh my God! I never knew masturbation could be THIS amazing, thank you!!! The author described it perfectly: 1. Grip your penis at the base with your normal masturbating hand (this serves to steady the penis for your other hand), use your other hand to do the finger circling. 2. Move the spot, not your finger. 3. Do not change your stroke, even when you begin to "buck" every now and then. You will not be able to control your bucks, your penis will have a mind of its own. 4. Don't try to hold it in - let it all out when the time comes. 5. Oh, and DO NOT GIVE UP at any time and take the easy way out, NO MATTER WHAT. I must have spurted 3,4,5(!) times, and that was only from a 1 day load. My penis was still quivering uncontrollably after I finished for at least a few minutes, though I had to stop from all the semen making the area too slippery. Altogether the experience lasted about a half hour, so make sure you have time and privacy. The amount of time it took could have been due to the fact that I've never tried it before. Also, forget porno, unless it's to get started. It's my opinion after this one experience that porno makes masturbation dull and mechanical. I had trouble finding the "spot" for a while. It's called the frenulum. You can't just slam away at it with your fingers, it requires normal or light pressure. Be patient if you don't feel anything for 10 or 15 minutes, it's well worth the wait. Just keep playing around until you start getting bucked - thats the spot you're looking for. It's true nothing replaces a woman, but if I were the last person on earth, it might be worth living just for this.