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I just came back from visiting my best friend at his family's farm in Canada. It's a huge farm with many trails and clearings in the woods. He and I went to one of the secluded places, put down a thick blanket and did the Top/bottom Vagina with me on top the first time and him on top the second time we did it. We were completely naked and we did lots of kissing while we were doing it. Both of us had great orgasms and ejaculated lot of semen on each other. We're both 15 and have been naked together many times and had orgasms together since we were 10.

Man I want to try this so bad with my friend but I don't know how to ask him. And I'm straight.

I want to do this so bad with this guy from my school i just dont know how to ask him im bisexual and i think he is too i know he would want to do this with me

I tried the Top/Bottom Vagina method, and this method felt amazing. I did it with my friend(13) and I can't get enough, I still do it, and I'm 18 and hes 17. We still claim to b st8, but I'm starting to hav doubts.....

my friend and i did this and i was the top. we didnt use lube, but when we ejaculated he started doing head. were both strait and have girl friends. we do this once or twice a month. 14/wisconsin

I am an older man, in fact a senior. I enjoy this technique with another married man. Our wives do not know we like to do this. I am on top and he holds my penis with both of his hands and uses plenty of lube. I thrust away some times taking a long time to ejaculate. He will draw his legs up and even wrap them around me. As I get ready to explode, he hold me in his hands a little tighter and moves with me. The sensation is almost like intercourse. Once I am finished, I give him a hand but not like a vagina. I have been masturbating for over 55 years now and this is the best method I have ever found. Thank you JackinWorld

Me and this girl were kinda dating with each other when I was 13. one day I walked in on her brother watching porn. we sat down and began masterbating to it, he said he would show me the 69 mutual technique and that him and his sister do it together sometimes. We were doing it and his sister walked in. she laughed and took her clothes off and I started doing the technique with her. it led to intercourse and why'll we were doing it her brother was sliding his penis up and down between her bum cheecks. we all came together and did it again. we use to do it alot but stopped when we got older.

I have no freinds that would be comfortable with doing somthing like that with another guy im 14 lol So sounds fun, I masturbate with a freind but thats as far as it goes.

ive had a little too much to drink with my girlfriend and we tried this technique and i found it to be one of the best things ive experienced so i would like to thank you very much

Well, My friend and I tried this method the other day and let me say it was GREAT! The reason I know its great is that my friend only needed 4 strocks to be done! Let me tell ya my friend needs quiet a bit to let out his load! So i recommend this to anyone willing! -15, Texas

this is great but i found a variation. the bottom person while holding out there hand puts there sack in there hand. for the person on top this feels like a virgina!

My friend and I tried this one. This is the best technique ever. It is absolutely awesome. Semen gets everywhere.

OH WOW!! This was a great method. Me and my step-brother and my best-friend did this method. It's GREAT! My step-brother laid on his back and mad a large whole (I'm a big 9incher) and I thrust my penis in and out. My best-friend was behind me and he thrust his penis under my balls. Were all both str8 and love to do this with other str8 guys!

My younger brother and I did this a lot when we'd come home from a date with "blue balls". It was a great way to get off with another male and subsequently we taught it to our girlfriends but we'd use a condom then. This tecnigue, combined with "stop and start" is a great way for younger guys to learn how to control their load and accomadates itself to any size penis. If you have a large penis, try doing this with you girl before you attempt penetration and she'll be less hesitant to try intercourse with you.

I am 16 and have a good friend that I masturbate with quite often, so we get to experiment a lot. I tried the Top/Bottom vagina and found it to be a good way for 2 friends to orgasm together. The best is when he lies on his back and makes the "vagina" with his 2 fists, then I lay on top of him (missionary style) and pump in and out of his fists. This is great with a lot of lube, and the warmth is great. As it says, make sure your friend wont mind your semen, if you can take this method all the way it is unbelieveable