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Sounds Pretty fun.

One of the most INTENSE and pleasurably exciting orgasm ive ever had so far, slowly built up to one of my largest ejaculations EVER. will recommend to friends!
Australia 15

This technique is amazing, when I read about it I didnt think that the orgasm would be so powerfull, it took me about 15 mins to finally ejaculate but I have never cum so much, I was shaking afterwards and the tip of my penis was a bit numb but it was great and I recomend it.
Aged 16.

I did this technique laying down on my back, and used my whole palm to rub my entire head (head of penis head)(I used lotion). I made sure I was completly home alone before I did this, just in case,...I orgasismed so many times, and literally started begging myself to stop. It felt like the most intense torturious, most pleasuring feeling I had EVER felt before. It became so unbearable that I just finished myself off and strait wanked it. This technique is amazing.

This is a life-saver! My family is very conservative.They would not like I look at your site but I managed to find it after hearing my friends talk about it.Anyway,I share a bedroom (and bunk beds)Êwith my brother who's 12 and I sleep on the top bunk.Problem is the bunks are a bit old and make a noise at the slightest movement.I have been masturbating for about a year so I guess my brother doesn't yet either.I get no privacy during the day and we are not supposed to lock the bathroom/shower-room door in case of accidents, slipping etc., so during the school holidays it could be WEEKS until the opportunity for relief presents itself.I get real horny at bed-time when this happens and can't sleep.So I sneak a paper hankie under my pillow,and when the light goes out,I start the "All thumb".Ok so it's agonisingly slow even when I'm DESPERATE, and it's SOOOO hard not to groan or anything during what seems like an eternity on the edge of orgasm, but at least I get to go to sleep relieved... and happy!Even better,my brother is completely unaware and there are no tellings-off from angry parents!Thank you so much,no more trying to sleep with aching balls! ps the worst thing about this technique: about twenty minutes of "All Thumb" when I really, REALLY need to... resisting the unbearable temptation to "just go for it" which is OOOOH SOOOO is pure Hell, but the best thing about this technique... mastering the breathing so you are completely safe from detection, especially as you feel orgasm creeping up on you... and sneaking the tissue to the toilet to be flushed away in the morning, knowing you have got away with it.YESSSSS!!!

my step-brother and i used to have to sleep in the same bed together. well each night he would start masturbating. he would go on for a good hour and ejaculate at least three times. when i read this technique i knew it would be perfect. now while he is masturbating i am too and he doesnt even know it

I used this way to masturbate when I was in the Navy and sleeping in the top rack in the old open bay barracks back in the 60's. Shot a lot of intense loads that way, sometimes more than one a night.

oh my gosh I felt so good it was unbeliveable I had that natural lubricant come out of my penis for the first time very recommended

Try it this way. Use your thumb on the sweet spot and with the rest of your hand your fingers you can hold and massage your balls and the base of your penis. I do this with my wife laying right next to me, but you have to be patient and go SLOW if you don't want to be noticed. The reward for going slow enough that there is no noise or noticeable movement in the bed is incredible. You will feel the pleasure build from pleasant to (don't speed up now), to unbelievably intense. You will actually feel your semen start to ooze from your penis prior your ejaculation. While still softly rubbing the sweet spot, put one finger on the swollen prostate area at the base of your penis. As you finally reach full orgasm you will feel, with your finger, the contractions of the prostate as it powerfully expels your semen. The sensation is so strong you will be able to "hear" the thumping in your ears. I have been able to enjoy this method for as long as three to four hours before ejaculating. So, be patient and then... WOW. You will be as tingly as you could ever imagine and ready to relax and go to sleep.

This is a great tecnique I tried it while a friend and i were masterbating and watching him go helped a lot!! And the person who says men dont have multiple orgasms should contact me,i had 3 before i finally ejaculate, and boy did i! It was the most i ever got,REALLY a winner!!!