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One of my favorites, it takes a while to get used to it but it's an awesome way if you like to eat your cum. My wife likes it too - sometimes during sex I'll pull out and dribble cum and lick it up. Awesome.

Works GREAT with stop and Go! CUMMED EVERYWHERE!!!

Can I ejaculate without touching my penis. For example if I am watching a porn and I am very horny.

When I was single this was one of my favorite techniques. I spent a lot of sessions trying to get it just right so I could come three or four times before the big one. And when you do - it feels awesome! The other awesome thing about it is when I'm having sex with my wife I can pull out, come a bit and still be good to go for a while. And, since you haven't really finished yet I'm sometimes horny enough to taste it.

This method also works for sex in general. Withdraw at the point of orgasm, so there's no additional stimulation to the penis, ejaculate with orgasming, then resume the sex. You can come quite a few times before going for the big O, giving your partner enough time and penetration to get there too.

I tried this technique a couple of days ago and I stopped my orgasm about 5 times, with about 5 minutes of each session. I involuntarily ejaculated when I was trying to hold it back the 5th time and it was immensely pleasurable. My eyes rolled back during orgasm which doesn't happen often for me. Its best to use lubricant for this technique but its fun dry as well.

This is what I call milking myself. I think it only lets seminal fluid out, not the sperm from the testicles. My wife likes me to do this to myself before we have sex due to the fact that I maintain my erection, following milking, and can not ejaculate. Thus I can last for as long as I have the stamina to have sex with her. When she is finished I maintain a HIGH state of arousal, but can not ejaculate. She loves it and so do I!

I tried this and it was great! I got right about to the point of orgasm, then let go of my penis and relaxed all over, and I came a small amount, had a minor orgasm, and could keep going, woot! I have had problems doing it the next two times I tried, and I have a theory why. BOTH times, I was EXPECTING to see myself ejaculate, so I was looking at my penis, and that induced the rythemic contractions that come with an orgasm, which i guess triggers the refractory period. So, my theory is that you need to MAKE SURE that the contractions don't occur! I think what it is, is that the sensation of orgasm and cumming can occur WITHOUT the full orgasm happening (IE, with the contractions), but you have to kindof "cheat". I guess you could try to not think about anything sexy, or something, or just let your mind go blank. What I did the one successful time was to just imagine my body sinking into the bed. I am an adult (25 years old), and I do kegal exercises all the time (Trying to achieve the no-ejaculation orgasm!!), and I think that can help you do this one as well, because you have better