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I know that this section is all about making fake semen lube to jack off with, but there's nothing sexier than jacking off my partner and then collecting his semen and masturbating myself with his semen... the real thing! It's warm, it's wonderful and it's part of him and it feels SO GREAT! Try it guys! And it gives him a thrill too when he watches me jack off using his cum. I'm hard right now just thinking about it.

this is GREAT lube i discovered when I was making gluten free muffins. Xanthem powder is available in health food shops and is used in thickening sauces and as a binding agent in breads. Anyway! a half a cup of luke warm water in a jar with 1 tsp of Xanthem powder (more or less, work it out)- well shaken!! It is like a jar of good lube, water soluble, safe to eat and CHEAP!! the whole lot costs about 20 cents to make. For fake sperm all you need to do is add a cosmetic sunbloc lotoin to this lube ( I use Oil of Olay complete) It keeps well in a jar and its not sticky or oily and dries well on your hands. I once squirted some on the legs of someone that i wanted to finish sexwith quickly. He thought Id ejaculate and he wiped it up and wanked wth it - he was very impressed with the effect!! There you go!!

I made a lube like that and really got off on the way it looked smeared all over my penis and the sloshing sound it made while stroking.

I can masturbate with and/or eat my own semen and only masturbate once by using the Stop and Go method. I have released up to 3 loads of my candy-like semen before having an orgasm. I've been doing this since I was about 16 and am now 30 so have practiced extensively! I always wanted to taste it but after I had an orgasm, I no longer had the desire, I found a solution to this with the "Stop and Go" - I get semen to play with and still have the sexual desire needed to spends hours and hours of fun.


Edible Fake Semen:
1. Quarter cup of sweet condensed milk.
2. (1) Egg white
3. Add sugar until desired thickness is achieved.

I just tried this...WOW!!! Not only does it look like semen, it has the same feeling between my fingers and on my penis! This recipe is a keeper! I only have one complaint...any way you can make it TASTE like semen? :-)

This is a great lube and works best when you use a little more body lotion then K-Y Jelly. That works the best because there is a little resistance and grip when masturbating instead of having your hand slide everywhere.

Semen is a great lube! I might have to try this one to see how it works.

This sounds good. Another combo is 1/2 part jojoba (purchase in bulk form from a natural health store) and 1/2 part Aoe Vera, if that equals 1/2 cup, then add 3 capsules of Vitamin E. Very good feel.

hahaha thats funny stuff im gonna try makin it