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How do you remove the Baby Oil smell?

The JOHNSON'S® Baby Oil Gel contains STYRENE, which according to Wikipedia seems to be cancerogenous

a good thin lube is cetaphil skin cleanser it white after a while but doesn't thick like most moisturising creams and works better than vaseline.

Im 13 and use vasline but i tried this and it works great

I thought it would be better...
but overall its good
i prefer vaseline

I use Vaseline to masturbate with when I just started at about age of 14. I would spread it on my penis and then wrap my fingers around my shaft and slowly run my hand up and down the shaft and over the head until I ejaculated all aver my hand. I only started useing baby oil about 10 years age and found my hand will slid over my penis better than useing Vaseline.

I think baby oil is "a guys's best friend!" I recently discovered baby oil gel - an it's fantastic! Anybody ever use shaving foam in the shower? - Edge gel works great! - It has a great feel! - ya just need to use it in the shower, 'cause outside, it gets pretty messy! I'm an "older guy" who has been masturbating for years, now - have used alot of different lubes - these are my favorites - let's hear from more of you guys out there! This is a great forum - you can learn alot from other guys' experience!

I had used Baby Oil until I read about Baby Oil Gel. It is much better then just the Baby Oil. It washes off better and isn't nearly as runny (no pun intended). THANKS!

i dont know about that man but i use vasalene and it works just fine just take a glob and spread it over your hand and over the tip of ur penis especially but make sure its on ur hand to rub the tip of the penis till u no its about time then u can begin the traditional method of top to bottom extra influence on the tip again i dont know bout ur stuf but vasaline defenatly works fine

I found that if you add little Ibit of cold cream to the mix you have a wonderful slick lube and it wont dry out as fast. I tend to be able to stroke it for up to an hour and without the cold cream I always have to re-apply the lube. Thanks

This is a great lube, especially in the shower. It wont wash off, and is complete unaffected by the water. Its also cheap and readily available at most grocery and drug stores. Five stars for this one.

I was happy with Crisco until somebody said it was shortening.

I use a combination of Johnson's Baby Oil and Johnson's Bedtime Lotion...and you can Jack forever and the feeling is great, try it with some Horny Mariah Carey music in the background and you can masturbate with the music....

I like to use warming KY mixed in the Detane. The warming Ky can really wake up my prick since it causes a slight glowing and itchy feeling. and the Detane (just a little dab will do you) calms it down and is a great lubricant. I alternate applying them and keep beating off for a very very long time. Sometimes I will use the KY on my shaft and the Detane on my prickhead. An alternate to lotions I have tried on very hot days is getting fully erect, then plunging it into a tall glass of ice water and holding it down as it tries to come up for a breath of fresh air. I grip it tightly and wait until it gets a bit blue and chilly then withdraw and stroke again until I am erect. It is also entertaining to rub my boner with an ice cube , it is a great tingling sensation.

Pond's cold cream is VERY nice, too :)

I ust two mian lubes. (I'm circumsized.) The first is grapeseed oil. It has a great silky feeling and I tend to use it most as there is no give away aroma. The second is a dob of hand cream rubbed well in and then I add a little baby oil until the texture is right for me. However, I'm going to buy the baby gel as well. It sounds excellent.