The Two Pillow Mockup: Comments

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I just put a pillow on top of another one and hump the crack. Its a lotta fun doing it on my water bed.

Try this out. Use 1 pillow, grab under it with both hands and squeeze it like a girls ass. Feather pillow is best.

This works really good with the pillows covered with soft plastic pillow protectors. Also much easier to clean up afterward.

This is how I did it as a kid. Loved it. The only problem is that it can make noise if the bed shakes. My sister walked in on me once because she heard the bed moving as I stroked in and out of the pillows. But for a couple of years this was my most frequent way of masturbating. A variation: I had a foam rubber pillow (solid piece of foam, not small chunks). I slit one end a little, and made a pocket to thrust my penis into. It felt, I thought at the time, never having felt one, like a vagina. I'd lay on it and pump away, and the feeling was great. I could vary the sensations by putting more or less weight on the pillow, and by scrunching it up using my hands. I didn't dare keep it in my room for fear my mom would find it, so I kept it in the attic above the garage, and once a week or so sneak up there and have myself a great session. My mother cleaned out the attic after I went off to college, and discarded my favorite pillow. I was in mourning.