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Omg! Im very happy cause i find this site!!!! I use latex gloves too!!! It's so great...!!!! I use medium size for my hands! and the same size i use for my... you knew what! i read all your comments and they are great! can anyone tell me how else can i use latex gloves ??? From the age of 14 i always used latex gloves while i was mastrubating and untill now (18 years old) i used them everyday!

I usually do this and I also find masks (i.e respirators and ski masks) to be pleasing, so I put on gloves and a mask. It happens kind of fast, but it feels so good!

OK, I tried this the other night...

I took a medium size latex glove and, without lubrication, I used mu fingers to stretch out the middle finger wide enough to insert my erect cock. I snugged it in as far as it would go. The pressure was intense.

Simply pulling on the base of the glove resulted in a tight "fucking" sensation. I exploded in the glove, causing a huge bubble in the fingertip of the glove.

As I began to shrink, it slipped off easily for disposal. I will do this again.

Another way that a latex glove can be used is wrapping a towel snug around a latex glove, but keep the opening about 3/4 an inch off the towel. Then take the loose part of the glove that is not wrapped in the towel and fold it over the end of the towel. This is kind of like a homemade fleshlight and it works amazingly!

Wow, I thought I was the only one who like to masturbate with latex gloves! When I'm at home I usually go on Google Web Search or Google Images and search latex gloves. The gets me an erection super fast.

oh man, i am so glad i found this site. i did the latex glove thing when i was 12 or younger, and i thought i was a freak. i'm so glad other people have had the same idea. what i did was get a latex glove, and then cut up condoms and put them in the latex glove along with baby oil. then i got a pillow, punched out a corner so there was a nice hollow that the glove could fit in, and then masturbated with that. WOW.

I use the latex gloves each and every time. they are great, I use them as an enhancer for a better orgasm. and I all so put them on my dildo for great anal masturbation.

A variation of the latex glove method that is great for guys who like to shave is subtitute baby powder for lube. After shaving, put on the latex gloves and sprinkle power liberally. Then enjoy a great session. The combination of the latex gloves and the baby powder is really great.

i used the latex glove, is it okay that i cut off one of the fingers of the glove and put lube inside it so my penis (which is about 4.10" when i get an erection it is about 7.3") could easily squeeze through?

I have only ever masturbated with latex gloves. It started when i was 10, the doctor was examining me wearing the gloves and i got an erection. After the exam i said they were "cool" and asked for some. He gave me some and when i got home i put them on. I started playing doctor on my self and got an erection and then my frist significant orgam. Now, at 17, i always masturbate with them a number of ways:
- sometimes i just lube up and masturbate with them or use them as a "condom" for myself.
- i also suggest them anal, they "slide" better.
- and sometimes i wear a condom and latex glove, the lude of the ondom slides better and it not on your hands.

Masturbating with latex gloves is the best. Try putting on a pair of tight latex gloves in the shower and masturbating with all that tight, wet latex. Actually, check out surgical-guys com for some amazing stuff with latex gloves.

Try to use an oil with this gloves...and then touch your feels awesome...

put on a pair of playtex living gloves (the long ones) and a pair of natural unlined latex gloves over the playtex. i like keeping the rubber gloves wet while masterbating feels great.

I usually masturbate by wearing a pair of latex gloves (the kind Dentist's use) that are size medium so that they fit my hands perfectly. Next, I slip my penis into the finger of another glove that is in extra-large. I then masturbate with my left hand until I ejaculate. Sometimes I use some Vaseline as lubrication but it tends to weaken the latex and the gloves tend to break before I get my ejaculation.

I usually buy two kinds of latex gloves. I wear Medium gloves on my hands and try to get large or extra large latex gloves from the store. Sometimes, they have a box lying around the "clean-up" section of Wal-Marts. I put the large latex glove on my erect penis and wear medium latex gloves on my hands. I masturbate to any way I like, usually pictures of guys wearing braces or mouthguards. Sometimes, I also use my back massager to massage my penis. When I am done ejaculating, I take off the latex glove from my penis and throw it out. I then reuse the glove I put on my hands for next time until it turns yellow.