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Where do I get SOLID Armaflex pipe insulation?? I've found some in Home Depot but it's all was slitted types and had 1-1/8" inside diameter. There was a solid tube also of Armocell brand, but called Tubolit. But it seemed to me very rough, hard, of different color and of different material.
So my questions:
WHERE TO GET IT? Is there ARMOFLEX(not Armocell Tubolit)which is SOLID, not slitted and self-sealing, but solid.
What's the best diameter to get(not too tight and not too loose, but "golden middle")

Find a PVC-sock 50-60 mm and wrap a 2 inch piece of bike tube, length 10-15 cm around the 60 mm opening. Find a piece of armaflex 13-35 mm diameter and fold a thick rubber band (3x) around it at about 6-7 cm. Find a black rubber ring, 5 cm diameter, and apply it, either on the foam tube, higher than the rubber band or, external, around the bike tube. You can change the positions of the elastic band and the ring, dependent of the size of your penis and the best feeling. Insert the foam tube in the 50 mm opening and wrap the end some 2 cm around the opening. Lube the inside of the tube with some udder ointment and thrust your lubed glans gently into the foamtunnel. Once passed through the narrowing (elastic band), the top and shaft become more erect and you have a good stimulation along the shaft and through the pressure of the ring at the top. You can use the tool standing, or between two mattresses.

Just had to drop by after trying this out, and I have to say it is amazing. This thing gives me the most satisfying wanks I've ever experienced.

I could only find the 1 inch inside diameter slit tube which has the nasty habit of splitting under pressure so I wrapped packaging tape around the outside with the result that rubber bands are completely unnecessary (the thing fits like a glove without them). The way I sealed off the end was to use an old analog camera film container which I stuck in one end up to the cap and then wrapped 2 tie-wraps around the armaflex to cinch it in place, like a hose clamp. The first two I built burst at the seams in less than a week but this last one has lasted me for over a month now since its construction is more robust.

I haven't tried water-based lubricants but oil based ones have worked fine for me, the warming lubricants are the best and greatly enhance the experience.

The vacuum effect from expelling the air from the tube then placing your penis in so that it makes a seal is so great that I feel whatever I can type will not communicate to you the magnitude of the sensation. The tube sucks you in and expands as you move further, its really something to have the thing suck you in and envelop you in its warmness.

I hope you will pardon my excitement but I can hardly keep myself from using this more than once a day!

This is by far the best kept secret. I just got some at the local HVAC store. I got two sizes-The 7/8's and the 1 and 1/8. The 7/8 is real tight, but it does expand. I like to cut a piece of the 1 1/8 about 7-8 inches. I then put heavy rubber bands on it (as posted here by someone else) about every inch, some at little tighter than other. Don't make them too tight.

I use Biotone brand massage oils(they last long and go a long way- You owe it to yourself to get some- I use the oil and gel). This is great stuff and all natural.

I highly recommend the Armaflex foam rubber. Experiment with the lengths and sizes. I mounted a piece of PVC on a Bar stool with duck tape. I put the Armaflex inside with a little sticking out, then lube it up. I put the stool against my desk. I can then pump hands free. It is great!!!! just experiment as said before. I really love this stuff. It is the best that I have found in 30+ years.

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I can guarantee the Armaflex is the best of all. You dont even need to close off one end. Just cut off a foot or so of the Armaflex rubber pipe insulation (save the rest for future use) and wrap electrical tape around it to tighten it up in a few stragegic places, or wrap rubber bands around it. Then lube it up and go! It's awesome! Easy clean up and a 6 foot section will cost about $10 and will last you forever. I have used this method for 20 years, and have found nothing that comes close. It feels even better than the real thing! You can even put the open end over your shop vac for some enjoyable suction action! =:] P.S. Be sure to get the type without the slit in the side. The adhesive is very abrasive (and painful) and it just doesnt work. The solid type is available and is far superior and worth searching for.

Some gym equipment (home gyms etc.) comes with rubber pads fitted around the pipes that work really well too. The type of pads used on the leg lift attachments work great. Just find a size that's comfortable fit, pull it off the bar and lube it up. Totally awesome! Nice squeeze and it lubes really nice with lotion. Lasts forever too...You can add rubber bands or electrical tape to adjust the tightness of the squeeze. You're gonna love it! enjoy.

I have to say, the Armaflex simulator is absolutely amazing! I've enjoyed a number of the other simulators suggested here as well as some of the "professional" ones yu find in stores,this one beats them all: it definetly deserves the 5 hands!!!!

As a expert jacker myself and a refridgeration contracter. I would like to comment that refridgeration grade armaflex is better to jack with because it is seemless and more flexable and availaible in many sizes.even for the extra large.

Try also climaflex 35 x 13 mm. The device is more stable because of the somewhat stiffer material. With 40 mm. pvc end-stop. The armaflex has more souplesse than the climaflex. Comfortable vacuroom!

i cant seem to find this armaflex any where,where do they sell it,iv checked hardware store all over...nothing found

This is my favourite, and I have not found a better method in 35 odd years of masturbation. It squeezes your penis even better than a real vagina (the one I've had experience with anyway!). I find it better to put the lube inside the entrance of the Armaflex, rather than just on your penis. I leave the end open because I find it stimulating to watch the tip of my penis as I'm working it, it is nice to watch yourself squirt, and you can always hold the end closed by hand when you want to. I find that the closed end gives too much stimulation (even more than a real vagina) and it is more difficult to clean. You can also add more lube without missing a stroke if it becomes too dry. One of the more interesting things about Armaflex is that it can be compressed lengthwise somewhat. This means that even though I am an average sized guy (about 5 3/4 inches long), I can push about 8 inches of Armaflex onto my penis.

Instead of closing the foam tube with 2-component epoxy, you can also close the tube with a pvc pipe, external diameter 40 mm, with an end stop, and fix the tube around the pipe with a hose clamp. Yesterday, after reading about the device, I found a neutral foam tube, 34 mm. internal, that can be opened and that opened actually soon, because of the repeated pressure from the inside. I taped the tube around, first with a transparent non flexible tape, that prevented however going both ways in a smooth way. The free movement and expansion of the tree was blocked, so did the birdy trying to fly higher. I found a flexible tape, elastic bandage, that would 'follow' the diametrical movements of the foam over the length. And it does !, especially around the '4' cm band, so that you can feel the narrowness of the funnel or go through in the tunnel, dependent on the position of the band and the condition of the tree and the bird on top. Flex bands give flex ends. As I have still a both ends open tube now, I can lube, sunflower oil, from above and when I cut some of the tube I can see the running of the birdy, with open mouth. I saw it already in the relatively dark tunnel. Good walking in the tube now, but some lube looses through the cut, that also gently sucks some skin of the tree through it. I put the cut at 9 o'clock, and alternated to 3 now. To change position of the cut, the tunnel has to be left empty for a while. This is stimulating because when you enter again, the pressure around rises from zero, as the tree and birdy do from the inside. Move the tunnel by pushing it from above down, with the open hand up the opening, while the other hand helps just at the top of the tunnel. By accident I felt already the sucking effect of the vacuum because I closed the upper end of the tube with my hand while moving it. The open end under makes nice feeling steps in the orange field. The tunnel does the work. I try to find a closed tube too. I was experimenting the last few hours, so I share with you and understand much better now the stop and go method. You can manage your arousal so well, that is much easier to stay on the road and not arrive at your possible destination. Nice to make your own map. First I go out for the 40mm stop and the hose clamp..

This is the BEST. I couldn't find the 1 3/8" size armaflex so I bought the 1". It work out GREAT withouth the rubber bands. I just put alittle hand lotion just inside the opening and then insert your penis. Even if your not hard, you can actually squeeze just above the opening and it will suck your penis in to get it hard. It feels like a real vagina. Try it, you'll love it !!!!

This is great simulator.. I've been using one for about year now---even made one for a buddy of mine with the left-over tubing. Try this method---- after getting a hard-on, insert your lubed penis into it and give it a few strokes and squeezes which creates a tight suction feel. Next, lay down on the bed or sofa, face-down and just with your arms out to the side to grab on for stabiliity then " go to town" as if your were having intercourse. The weight of your body keeps the Armaflex in place and it doesnt move around. Feels practically like the real thing. Works great while masturbating in the shower too.

Cut the ends off of a Nerf football so you have about a two inch flat surface on each end. Hollow out the ball and insert a slightly longer piece of Armaflex through it. Combine this with the "between the mattress" technique. I have tried many of the expensive artificial vaginas that are available. While quite good, they are nowhere near as good nor cheap as this. And you don't have to go through the embarrassment of buying an artificial vagina. Just a football and some pipe insulation.

This is a great technique, for a good variation, try using the "heating" massage lotions, such as the one by Wet International. These oils heat up as you stroke, so pretty soon your armaflex simulator will feel like a nice warm vagina. Oh, and I was able to find the Armaflex I needed for the simulator by going to and calling the rep for my area. This is a great idea, thanks JW