Fill your Foreskin: Comments

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As a variation use a plastic bottle with a wide head . Fill it with warm warer in the bath and push the head of your penis inside . Squeeze the bottle and the water will push under the foreskin . This can be a good method for those young guys with a tight foreskin to help ease it off over a period , and keep clean by washing out any smegma

sounds cool. Cut guys just don't know all the cool things one can do with a normal intact penis

I've been circumsized

The nurse is probably right about not forcing water into your urethra, but that's not what this entry means. The idea is to put the baster or whatever in your foreskin opening, not the urethra, and fill up the foreskin like a water balloon.

You can also just blow it up with air using a straw.

Wow this sounds good, though weird, the nurse shouldn't whine so much, it can't be bad to do it.
but I can't do it because I don't know where to get a turkey balster or a syringe. xD
But I'll try it when i have one! :D

Boy o boy - did i got horny and did it twice in a row. This will be my prefered way of rubbing me off.

A Verry nice sensation. Did not ejaculate but it was fun.

I've recently read this technique and tried it. It is stunningly powerful and a totally unique sensation. Loved it!