The Handstand: Comments

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Do my feet need to touch the bed? or i really need to be in a handstand position with my head on the bed, and my feet against the wall??

This technique is fantastic I usually do it starting dressing in a costume like a dirty cowboy or a horny devil. Its also great when you aim at your mouth or face is the best. Thanks you site rocks Chris(14) Ny

this one was one of the best i've tried i ejaculate almost straight away and then it goes all over my face which was the best.14

great technique, but u get semen all over urself, some may like that i for one dont

hablo en espaol pero en verdad me parece lo mejor, sentir el semen en la boca y tu cara. incluso con una mano hice fuerza en mi pierna izquierda y pude tocar el pene con mi lengua, y despues senti el semen. ES LO MEJOR

Great idea, i tried this and to take the semen in your mouth is mind blowing, thanks for the idea

This is my fave i try it once a week

having a target is great . doing it again is a pleasure.