The Reverse Milker: Comments

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it feels almost like a girl is riding you

This is great alone, but even better if you wrap the four fingers gently around the scrotum at the end. Just brush with the fingertips and repeat with the other hand. This will stimulate the scrotum, and make it tingle and shrink up, giving you a tight feeling on your testicles...amazing!

I have rarely felt my entire pubic area feel so great as through this technique. The reverse motion is reallly something different and adds to the masturbation experience and pleasure. Try it, you will see and feel for yourself.

This one is even better than the Milker. I did it very slowly with a tight grip pulling my foreskin tightly down to da max. I felt it from my hair to my toes.

Basically good because it resembles thrusting into vagina. Also slightly banging into the balls when the hand reaches the end of stroke feels good and can be part of troggering. Get a stronger urge for climax by bringing fingers against the corona in the back stroke as well as forward. Anti circers note: theres where the big strong true orgasmic feelings surge, not from the foreskin.