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I discovered this on my own a few years ago. You don't have to interlock your fingers, but you could to help remind your body that your hands aren't touching your penis. A few variations... You can also do this while sitting down, so your legs can rest. If you put your arms at just the right place you can slam your forearms against your body with each motion (and imagine you're "banging" the hell out of a girl's body). In the shower, get your arms and penis really soapy, so that your arms can slide all the way to the tip of your penis without any friction (this is especially better than the original technique if your penis isn't that long). Another shower variation... instead of putting each forearm on either side of your penis, try putting one arm below and the other on top (again, feels better if you're in the shower). Try alternating between these two shower variations, and you're realize that it feels really good but doesn't make you come yet. It might drive you crazy!

oh yeahhhhhh...this was good. i was reading the site like at 2:30 in the morning cuz my parents are outta town and then i stood up and dropped my pants and took off my shirt and masturbated this was awesome. i nutted so hard my knees got weak and then i liked up some of my spunk that landed on my hands. --16, NYC