The Ice-Cold Hand: Comments

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This is fantastic!!!! When i ejaculated it shot realy far! It felt reallllllllly goooooooooood the best orgasim i had in awhile btw im 13 and ive been masturbating since i was 12. And ever session i had wasnt as good as this one

JIZZTASTIC!!!! I came so much, twice as much as usual!!!! My semen seemed thicker tho, not as easy to swallow :(

Try using a fan to blow on your penis, it adds to the effect!

I'm gonna have to try this tonight, but is it weird to anyone else that a few people below me are saying they're only 12 or 13, and how long they've been masturbating? I have nothing against people at that age masturbating, but its not necessary to say how old you are... just odd.

That was f***ing crazy good!!! That was the best masturbation ever!

nice ima try it tonight

ommmmmg this wass awsomeeee the cold feeling on my balls felt sooo good omg i cant wait till tomorrow im going to fill my bathroom sink with colld water and dipp my balls in it.

wow, the feeling absolutly amazing! Defentitly not a waste of my time! Im Almost 13. I have Masturbated for 2 years! And its been The same thing just the original technique. But now im using JackInWorld Everytime! Thanks!

Oh My God....That was the best jack-off yet! Im only 12 but thta was so amazing! Jackinworld is my first site and its the best!!

this is best use with the stop n go, it feels amazing.

this is an intense version of the ice-cold hand, but perhaps one of the best masturbation techniques if you're ready for it -- fill up a glass of ice cold water, masturbate normally, and right before ejaculation submerge your testicles in the ice cold water -- i guarantee it will be the strongest orgasm youve ever had (and much better/more intense than the ice cold hand)

i think i used my cold hand a lil bit to early and it threw off my ejaculation, properly timed tho and its pretty damm good

An even better way is to masturbate in the bathroom however you want, then jump into a freezing cold shower you have ready and the shock over your whole body including your man parts is unbeliveable, just dont slip.

this is crazy, its a waste of time.. i just did it and the feeling is the same, man.

This technique's immense! The cold feeling on my balls was amazing. When no one's home, I fill the bathroom sink with freezing water and hang my balls in it. Then I use my usual 'stop and go' method. The feeling's great!

My technique with cold water is to place a towel on the kitchen table when no one is at home, drop my pants and briefs and suspend my balls in a glass of cold water, masturbate and the overall sensation for me is stupendous. I feel so horny thinking and writing about it I will set to later this afternoon. Have fun you guys.

wasted a session i dont recomend it

OMG!!!! This is the forst technique that I tried from Jackinworld and I can say wothout a doubt that its great. I blew farther than I ever have... Its a great technique, That is if you dont mind gettig your hand VERY cold

I tried putting my penis in the ice water and I ejaculated some much it made me feel so god

That was and awsome organsm!!! It hurt a little after but it was the greatest!! Im only 14 but im ganna have to do it again!!

something better- start masturbating in the shower(with hot water running).right before you ejaculate, change the hot water to cold should give u MULTIPLE orgasms

this was awsome it was the worst ever i got a broke penis