The Infinitely Deep "Vagina": Comments

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I find that this works better with some lube but without the "thrusting" movement. If you just work your way down the shaft with your dominant hand first and then reach the base, just begin again with your other hand. This works wonders.

I do this one to! it feels so good... but I like to use spit rather than oil

this works great. i work as a phone sex operater. this gets my my callers to go over the top!

When I first used this method I found it very enjoyable, if you are a young teen this may take up to 15 - 20 minutes before you ejaculate; also maybe with an accompanied load of urine. I managed to experience 3 to 4 orgasms from this one.

i'll have to try this one i really love the taste of my semen

I always use this one when I masturbate, especially with some hand lotion and the stop & go method. I had my first sessions with this one.

i came up with this on my own one day. it was the most intense feeling i had ever had. i had trouble not groaning.its fun to watch myself masturbate in the mirror

i do this it feels incredible lube upthought or wear aa condom. i also have a variation put ure penis in ure both hands one on top of the other and pumplike a lake hammer feels so good like sex.