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i don't eat my semen its too far for me for now but i do enjoy self-felliato

everybody, it doesnt make you gay if you like the YOUR sperm in your mouth. its completely fine.

tried this a week ago today and i STILL ache all over! i do like cumming on my face but i wouldn't go to measures of almost paralysing myself for over a week to do it...

iv'e tryed this but i always abort right be for cumming

I've done this one multiple times but I'm hesitant to open my mouth to taste the cum. Is it worth it?

it was a complete turn on when I read about this. So, after reading It tried it right away. I used the "Torture yourself" and the "Stop and Go" Method alternately. It took me 40 mins before I felt I was about to cum(the longest time I jerked off, thanks to Torture method). I followed the steps, then I suddenly came. The cum was all over my face, and some went inside my mouth(gross!!). I felt disturbed because I am used to blowing my cum in my GF's mouth. I feel gay for some reason. But I have to admit, It was a nice feeling. I might try this more often, in front of my GF =P

I would like to try this but feel a bit a hesitant because it feels a bit homosexual. Is it?

you need to make sure irs right near your face

wtf who would eat their cum?

I tried this yesterday but i just came all over my chest. Idk if i did it wrong or if i need better aim. Can anyone help me?

i do this when i'm extremely horny, and have the whole day to do nothing. i have this fetish for womens underware, and panty hoes, so i'll put some on, and watch some porn with my dick in a cyberskin pussy. i do the stop and go with this for several HOURS. after all that porn and fucking that cyberskin pussy, i'll tuck my legs behind my head, and get ready for a facefull. i swear i was cumming for 1 minute. i was a mess. but it was all worth it.

Love this technique. When I'm in the mood I do the stop & go method for as long as I can. When I can't hold back any longer I crawl the wall and start stroking slowly. I focus on the head and stop right before I cum. If I time it right, semen will start to come out but I haven't orgasmed yet. It usually slowly dribbles out into my mouth so it's easy to get a good taste. I can usually repeat the method a couple times before fully ejaculating. It's great because it lets you cum into your mouth multiple times without waiting in between orgasms. It also helps if you are turned off from swallowing after you orgasm. When I've finally had it, I can stroke it until I get the whole load. However, sometimes you just can't hold back and after a long session of stroking and stop & go, you'll surely get a mouth full of hot cum. I'm glad others are enjoying this too.

I love this technique, just thinking about it gets me really horny, so I cum almost as soon as I'm on my back. I hold the position until it's all spurted and dribbled into my mouth, then lie back and enjoy the taste. I love to feel those hot spurts drip onto my tongue! I find the idea of eating cum really erotic, but like a lot of people I get turned off quickly after orgasm unless I start eating instantly, so this technique is ideal.

I love this I jerk off for 20 min or so outside and then shoot it all over my face in a semi public area lol...its a rush

This is fun i will jerk off for 30-40 mins with out comming and when its time to shoot i do this and let it all go..and its a face full of warm thick cum. You can try wearing glasses so you can watch and not get it in your hurts

I really love goo, so this technique is quite hot. The first time I did it, I kinda got the "horny-be-gone" effect as soon as it hit my face. Then one night, I had the tip of my cock in my mouth, and squirted right into it; still horny, I swallowed like all of it. ^_^ Not gay, but it was really fun!

I love the Crawl the wall technique! I usually masturbate for about 10 minutes and right before I'm about to ejaculate I crawl the wall and it comes out all over my face. I love the feeling of my wet load all over my face. I'm not gay, but tasting your own semen is awesome! After masturbating for like 10 minutes I usually get a really nice big load, so I also have tons to drink up. Everyone should try this one!

I love using technique. It is fun. I prefer to walk down the wall and suck my self though. It feels so good and I still get to taste the semen.

Love it! nothing better than a face full of cum in your face

The Stop & Go or edging technique really add to the enhancement of this technique because they can really add to the amount of ejaculate produced, and in most cases, the more the merrier. I often start laying on my back on the bed and slide off. I don't always get totally inverted, as it hurts my neck, but can often achieve a 'firing position' that will still hit my intended target: my face. I'll aim for the face and often have my mouth open but eyes closed. If some ends up in my mouth I try and swallow it right away, before it turns me off, like the first spurts usually. If I get it all in my mouth (which usually happens when I am inverted and my dick is inches from my mouth) I often end up spitting it out, sometimes immediately. I avoid the mirror as there is something about seeing my own face with cum on it that turns me off. Especially if I have a beard or any facial hair. If I want to really slurp cum, I get my tip in my mouth. The Crawl the Wall technique will help and slowly but surely you might be able to get the tip in. With the tip in my mouth, I happily suck all the sperm out of my dick. So three slightly different techniques depending on how limber I feel, and also depending on what I want to do with the cum. With the tip in my mouth, it usually goes right down, not much taste. When shooting only some in or trying to catch whatever I can (try the messy whip it technique if you like trying to catch it), I usually enjoy the taste and saltiness. And when I end up catching a mouthful, I usually avert my tongue from registering a taste and quickly spit it out.

This position rocks. It is awsome to have a nice big load in your mouth. I do this a ton. And if you are into it swallow your load. I love givin' my face a good soaking

Amazing way to shoot. I usually warm up by standing up and bending over, staring at my throbbing member. Gradually go further down, eventually using both hands interlocked behind your knees to force a little closer. Eventually I can lick the tip before I get into the "crawl the wall" position. What's great about warming up is I can then just fit the edge of the tip in my mouth, so when I start to shoot it's incredible. You feel the pulsating, and soon my throbbing member is shooting thick, heavy spurts of semen right onto my tongue and to the back of my throat. If I haven't jacked in a few days, then my mouth is filled with a huge load. It's always surprising how hot it feels in your mouth.

I love this technique. I usually watch porn and get real turned on. Then I get on my webcam and find a girl 2 watch me. When its time to cum I tell them the suprise. I crawl up the wall and get my cock close to my mouth as possible. I let the precum drip and then wait for the cumshot. Everytime the girl watching loves it 2 so its a double bonus. An interesting idea is add anal stimulation and you can actually drip out a cumshot without expierencing orgasm. This helps so as soon as it happens your not turned off instantly. This technique is great!

I'm really into this technique...but only at times. I have recently been bailing last minute, and I really didn't have a plan. A compromise I've come up with is to lay on my back and put my shoulders on the ground. Then I lift my pelvis off the ground and aim in the general direction "up". Things get messy and its still a lot of fun; face and mouth shots are still possible and can often turn into a fun surprise. Its also easier on your neck. If your face and/or mouth is your intended target, you can hit these without so much squirming.

I was born in 1983-please post!

Amazing technique I really liked this one but you have to have like 30-40mins to experimen a/ positions ps my sperm has no flavour why is this? Оурцзут

I have tried this against a regular wall and its pretty good but for a quick clean up and a more comfortable setting try it in the wonders and the water just washes the sperm away.

This is a hot technique, although I take it to the extreme sometimes. I am one of the lucky few who can give myself a blowjob. I used to crawl the wall and shoot on myself. Very hot!

I dicovered this technique by accident.I was able to ejaculate hard enough to hit my mouth in a slumped standing position but it wasn't very easy to aim and resulted in a chest full of semien.I was on my bed pounding as hard as I could,with out thinking about it I spun around,climbed my butt up the wall and useing my legs to position my penis right above my mouth and had the most incredible ejaculation,I was starteled by all the semien shooting out in my mouth,my eye,all over my face.

Great technique, tried it today and loved the mouthful of hot cum! Can't wait to try it again and maybe even try to get the head closer to my mouth for better effect. Always wondered what my wife felt like when I cum in her mouth and now I know.

Kick ass dude

Cool...I gotta try this one...

I've been doing this type of technique for years. This is also a form of Autofellatio. If you practice and develop good flexibility you can suck yourself until you shoot a monster load right in you own mouth. No mess or clean up. You may also wish to video yourself for future enjoyment. I'm a spitter although I'm sure that others may like to swallow their own semen.

This is a great, awesome technique! I add one thing though, I 'walk' down the wall enough so that I can self-suck myself. It feels incredible.

This technique is great, i love shooting into my mouth and face.

yeah i have tried this many times but whenever i do it it hits my stomach???any suggestions anyone?

If you've tried this technique but become turned off from tasting your semen as you ejaculate (or after), definitely try the stop & go technique (aka edging) for as long as you can. However, instead of stroking straight to climax, try stopping right before you orgasm and then backing off for a few seconds and then repeating. Continually doing so and concentrating on the feeling and you may be able to stop your orgasm just after you start ejaculating. This way semen comes out but you haven't climaxed yet so your libido will remain high. It's possible to do this multiple times before finishing off if you have the willpower. Also keep in mind the taste is highly dependent on what you eat/consume. Personally mine is slightly salty and sweet. Not bad at all but I wouldn't put it on a cracker. The act itself is what drives me to do it, very kinky and erotic.

this tech is awesome. it gives you a whole lot better orgasm and you cum more semen than usuall. i would recomend this to anyone who loves to masturbate. but it is messy though and if you dont mind tasting your own semen, everyone should do this

i like this one.a good aim is important if a mess is not wanted but sometimes it makes it even more fun to just let it go. 35, nc

a real turn on,amazing,fantastic orgasms,my lips full of my own hot sperm,yesterday I did it 3 times,am 18

ive tried this a couple times. It is great and it tastes to salty... if you drink your own semen, does that mean your gay?

I tried this a few times and it felt strange to have all the semen in my face hair and mouth. I always feel wierd after doing this so I don't do it that often. It seems as if there is more semen also when I do this

this technique sucks! it just gets allover your stomach !

so I was just reading up on some new techniques and saw this one, I had to try it and it was amazing. I came to orgasm much faster than usual too. I have tasted my semen before and just love the taste. 18, OR

Good for those with good aim and who hate cleanup. Just toss your legs behind your head and its "sperm be gone"

A total turn on. This is hot and has become my favorite position..