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this is my new favorite way, i usually go up to 6 or 7 before i finally cum..too many times makes it not as good or as much comes out...i usually have an insane amount of semen after this

GREAT technique....every time i do this i shoot loads...and im normally just kind of a squirter or dribbler. but not when i do this. i get really turned on cause my dick is so full of cum. its great.

Omg yes, I love this technique! I hope this isn't too much information, but it turns me on to know I am building a really BIG load of semen;and I love to see how many streams I can shoot from my penis.

As I ejaculate- there should be a whole subsection on ejaculation control games on JW, don't you think?- I like to aim my penis at... well, it varies... I have a variety of favorite targets!

When I feel a real 'firehose' coming on, for example, I will often stand and marvel how far I can pump the hot streams from my penis, measure my ejaculation, you know..... :)

wow i shot alot to this lol :D

So my Girlfriend is gone this weekend and I was extremely bored. So I planned to see one how far I could cum and how long I could last. With my body shaking in excitement I dig out some awesome Peter North videos hoping this will excite me to get some of his amazing come shots. (I'm not too bad myself). So here i go KY and tons of tissues beside me, and here we go. With incredible power I last 6 hours and go trough 4 Peter Movies.(Man was it hard watching him come and not letting myself do it).
I ejaculate with such power than ever before, even outdoing Peter. I travels what looks like 6 feet then I have an incredible 14 other shots. My dick is crazy in excitement as its bright red, my cock head is a dark purple. I then quickly out of curiosity try to see how much I came with what I recorded I got 3 tablespoons. I was so proud of my 8 inch cock thank god I filmed as my girlfriend loves watching it, it makes her clench so easily. Her goal is to get me to do that with her so far I've only shot 5 feet, 2.5 tablespoons and 11 shots. It must of been the cumshots from Peter egging my buddy on..

This is the best it made cum everywhere!! 16/m

I wasn't ever super turned on and I jizzed a fuckload. Amazing

I done this after a one night stand, never came when I was fuckin the girl, and in the morning when she left I was still hungover. Done this twice and fucking hell. It shot past my head and splatted the wall.

Best shot ever. I'm 13 and been jackin' normal since I was 11. Got bored, found this, I got some on my shoulder ( laying down ) will do this again.

I really like using this technique. Cuming all over the place feels so good, and I kind of like seeing how long I can last before blowing my load. I just recently did this technique, and lasted for aver two hours, and stopped and continued about 23 times.I usually like to put lotion on my dick while I'm jacking off. I've found that putting some kind of lubricant such as lotion can feel really good. I used to just jack off without any kind of lube.I also like to lube up my butt hole, and finger my butt hole while I jack off. Like I said, I stopped and went for about two hours, and did all of this with one or two fingers in my ass. I came like crazy. I shot cum on my neck, the farthest I've ever been able to cum.I shot cum six times, another record compared to four or five ejaculations. My chest and stomach areas were covered with cum. Some guys like to eat their cum, I like to rub my cum over my body like lotion. So far, this is my best record, compared to an hour and stopping and continuing for 25 times. When I first started jacking off this way, I could only do four times, lasting only twenty minutes. Now, I feel like I am a pro, lasting a little over two hours,and cuming like a porn star.

Cant wait to see the results im doing it now!

Wow. I tried this method last night, I was able to last 6 times before i finally had to cum cause i didnt stop cuz it felt too good. I had a huge cumshot, i was lying on my back and it shot about 2 feet up and a little bit on my face unfortunately but whtever.
it felt better than a regular orgasm, and my penis is pretty big (6.5) and im just 13.
Try this method, its the best way to masturbate if u have the time

best feeling ever, i did this method and i jizzed all over the place. highly recommended to those people who like doing shots

ve got tight foreskin and i cant pull it back all the way but with this technique! who cares? i got two air shots and the first one got my belly button! this methods rules

God im goin to try this because yesterday i had my session with red tube ;) and i only lasted about 30 seconds and it was strange because i usually let go like a couple of seconds later but i let go immitedly and i cummed on myself well good job my mum and dad were not home :L anyone got any tips for what lube to use anyway?

i just used this technique and my hands and dick were covered in jizz. holy shit that was amazing. im only 13.

just done my 1st one just waiting till i can start agian hopefully the orgasm will be great! I will post another when im all done

wat i do is hump my bed and stop and go but should i be embraced that i do this?

you dont hold ti back right? when you finally decide to ejacualte? do you just relax your shaft and let it take hold of you?

Haha I did this and my brothers bed is two feet away and I think I got some Kizzy on his bed holy s**t cumshot lmao

ive been doing this since i started out haha, still amazing

This is such a good way to jerk it! The most cum, and the best feeling I've ever had!

ok, the first few times i tried this i wasn't able to stop myself and came on like the first tries, but after some practice and starting to know how it feels when im about to cum, im basically a pro now, lol, any skeptics, try this and it will definitely make you a believer, recently i lasted for over an hour doing this, i don't even count how many times i stop anymore because its so freaking good, when i finally came it was one of the best sensations i ever had in my life, i might have moaned, lol, hope not, also before i did this i used to barely ever have pre-cum, now i have plenty, or it could just be because i'm getting older, idk, anyway this is amazing and cleary my favorite, thank you whcih ever cave man figured this out, jk :P, when i was done i literaly couldn't walk straight it was so overwhelming, i definitely came so much more, lots of clean up, also make sure no ones home or around you incase u accidently do, even if u never do theres really a chance, so as a summary, best technique ever ^_^

m/almost 14

It's just so awesome when you do this then ejaculate into your own mouth while laying down.
Right now, I'm going to try this while being sort of upside down against the wall, so all my semen goes into my mouth cuz damn it's tasty and just awesom

Trying to go too far with this one can backfire.
Blue balls twice now from it. I wont be doing it again.

I've done this already way way way back in grade school, when i was 12 y/O. i still do it up to now with a little twist. I use the combination of "Torture Yourself" method and this. I can last for more than 30 mins jacking off. And when I come, its always a flood of sperm in epic proportion. :D Btw, I'm 22 now :D

This works great

So, I'm only 11. My mom said it wasn't sinful or in any way should it be embarassing to masturbate. So I tried it. It's something fun especially since I can't ejaculate, but can have orgasms. Thankfully I can control erections and none of my family watches me or in other wards teases me, because they admit it i actually a type of exercise. And I find this is a good technique without lubrication either. OFFTOPIC: Any of you watch The Colony?

Hmm... I was never told masturbation was any good thing, until now. I'm going toward the age of 16, and was never taught any sex-ed. So I found out on my own. And I do not want to ejaculate because it sounds messy.

this method works way too good for me.. actually, i'm masturbating using this method right now and have been at it for the last 3 hrs, but i can't stop because it feels too good and gets me so horny. this method is really addictive. once you learn how to do it for a long time, you cannot quit. so horny.

aahhhh i did this with my gf and she had a mouthful!

I was just doing this method a few minutes ago and on my third "stop", I crossed barely over the threshold of the "point of no return." I questioned whether I could hold it off or not, if I could defy the point of no return and revert back to my pre-ejaculatory state. I tried and tried, but then I realized I was still watching porn, and I was getting aroused without even touching my shaft. As my orgasm weakly crept up, I knew there was nothing that could be done. So I quickly grabbed a hold of my limp dick and start masturbating as fast as I could, resulted in a rather lackluster jizz from the stop and go. Don't make my mistake! Flirting too much with the "point of no return: can backfire on you. Its boundaries are clearly defined and are unnegotiable! Once you barely feel the orgasm coming, STOP!!!! And repeat. Just make sure your final jack is a powerful one.

I love to use this method when I have the time. Today I have had a full day, so I've spent the last six hours, going slow and taking breaks. I'm in one of my many breaks as I type this. Soon I will go back to the bed and lube again. The longer you take, the better the orgasm will feel. The last time I did this, my whole body was shaking and I was moaning as I climaxed. I could not believe how high I felt.

I have white stains on my bed
Awesome technique.

When I used to masturbate, It only lasted for about 10 minutes max, and the orgasm was a bit boring.

So I found this site and read the reviews, but I was a bit sceptical about it but I tried it out and OMG!
I tried it the first time and I ruined it by wacking of too hard and letting go too early

Usually it would just shout out only a few inches into the air, but when I tried the new technique the next night , it flew higher in the air and hit the wall!!
I wasn't expecting it and I was soo shocked after I realised it xD

Its a great technique! Thanks Jackinworld

This is immense I shot a lot more cum than normal I recomend it.
Aged 16.

its not a sin to do this its a great feeling and im only 11 and shot 4 feet of sperm!!

hahaha this technique is awsome!!!!! i love it :)

Hello again. I'm the guy who commented below. I went for only 15 minutes and stopped 8 times. the feeling was more intense than usual and i got more semen out than usual. but it just dribbled out. ill go for 45 mins. next time! hopefully ill get the same results as everyone else did. Thank you, Jackinworld!

Wait, by 'before you ejaculate, STOP!' do they mean before you feel the (sort of) warning of getting to the 'point of no return'? Before you get that intense feeling of your penis tensing and tightening up?

i tried doing this (paused 4 times) but i didn't get that much semen out. I got the usual amount of semen out. I thought my penis would explode lol. I guess i did it wrong I'll comment again though.

I was a little bit skeptical to try this, I doubted all the comments were real. So I lubed up, put on some porn. Oh my god, I literally exploded. I dont think I have ever moaned from masturbating before.

Oh. My. Shit. That was amazing. I just read this and decided to give it a try. I went for 45 straight minutes! It was the best thing ever!!!! It's like... Just so awesome!! I have never shot further than this. Usually it just goes a few inches or something, but I got at least 5 feet in the air! Thank you jackin world!!!!

I absolutely love this technique!! I'm 15 and have been masturbating for 3 years and this is the best thing I've ever done!! It's amazing and the last time I done it I screamed really loudly and had to tell my mum that I hurt my foot!! Omg this method is sooooooo amazingly intense!!

I actually find that this technique can be hard to use. Where as it does do well in "building up" for ejaculation, if you screw up the final jerk, all that time you just spent was a waste of effort.

I absolutely love using this technique. Everytime I jack off this way, I blow such a huge load. To get the most out of this experience, I usually like ot save up for a week, a week and a half, and then draw out my jack off session. And not to be weird or anything, I kind of like to do anal stimulation while using this technique. My last couple of seesions have lasted a little over and hour. So far, I have stopping about 25 times, and having 4-5 shots. And with the anal stimulation, I blew so much cum. I had cum all over my chest and stomach. The orgasm felt so good, and was so intense, that I kept saying "fuck" and "fuck yeah" over and over agian. I would recommend this technique to anyone. And trust me, doing this along with the anal stimulation feel so freakin' amazing. It is such a great feeling jacking off while having one of your fingers in your butthole.

i dont know about anyone else but this was really hard for me, to go to the point where i couldnt even touch it at all with out almost being pushed over the edge, and finally when i did, it was the best ever and SUPER messy, i sould suggest that you wait untill you can no longer stand it, its really hard, but very very worth it, just do it at night cause you will want to sleep afterwords

this method is what is commonly called edging.. i can edge for hours and days on end without cumming.. and when i do eventually cum its a big explosive cum...

this is my fave technique its the first one i used from the site. I always start this stop for a bit and keep going, i enjoy playing with my silver chain necklace while doing this also as it makes it cold and i get hornier making it feel so much better in the end

guys i have found the greatest thing since masturbation. A DOUBLE ORGASM. i was usin this tech but i did it wrong and i was literally a few strokes from finishing and i just kept strokin away and when i did i had my first with no sperm so i kept goin and i had my second with ejaulation. i did this bye stopping right before ejaculation then waited like half a second then started strokin as fast as i could and bam double orgasm its the best feeling ever you have to try it. YOU JUST HAVE TO!!!