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omg it felt amazing im 12 and i couldn't find anything but the fist that really pleased me but if you have time to do this IT IS GREAT i t feels like an orgasm of the fist the whole time u do it

absolutely amazing, my penis was throbbing,covered my cock in spit and the combination of the lubrication and foreskin stimulation PLUS this technique was out of this world, i tried imitating the tongue or the suction, and i succeeded i came all over myself!!!

Wow is all I can say this is seriously the only way to masturbate when you learn how to do this technique properly! It really feels like your getting your dick sucked when you do it right. I'll try to explain it since people seem to be having a hard time as was I at first.

**Take your right hand and put it out in front of you with the back of it facing you. Now bend back the ring and pinky so that there are only the middle and index together. Now keeping that position, take your left hand and make the palm of your left hand touch the right hands middle finger. Now bend the middle and index finger of your right hand so it kinda looks like a hook against your left hands palm. Now close your left hand around your 2 fingers and grip them kind of gently.

Then *with lube* (a lot of spit and a tiny bit of vaseline works best for me, and make sure you lube up everywhere on your index and middle fingers) put your penis head in between the hooked index and middle fingers of your right hand and slide up and down the penis head. It works best if you keep your 2 fingers on your right hand limp and just use the left hand to keep them in place and move your left hand up and down so that it feels like your fingers and conforming to the penis head the way lips do rather than you moving your fingers to conform with it.

You can also switch up hands to add a new feel. I find that my left hand sometimes can feel better than the right. Also vary speed and grip, if you go really slow and really gentle it can get very very intense if done right. Also you can play with the angle and direction your penis is going through your fingers. I find it feels best if you keep the angle of your hands toward yourself.

Thanks JackinWorld I will never forget this technique!

...Amazing. Felt like the very first time.

Absolutely amazing... covered my cock in spit and the combination of the lubrication and foreskin stimulation PLUS this technique was out of this world. Jizz spurted all the way up to my nipples. Feels the closest to oral that it can get. Recommend it to anyone!

I don't really understand this technique....

im 12 2 turning 13 never have had sexual contact

This technique is really confusing. Could somebody help me understand how to do this? thanks.

This is kinda confusing me. I'm not quite understanding how to do this. If anyone could send me an email or a picture that could really help...

i like this one its really stimulating

Er...I'm 12 and I masturbate.. About two or three times a day and lol if had 3 bjs in my life ... Is this normal to have alredy had this?

i tried this awhile back using spit as lube. the first time i orgasmed using it i was laying down and a squirted right up to my shoulder. unfortuneatly i only orgasmed once with this method.

I jack off everyday and boy i couldnt get how to do this one but the way i tried sure felt nice
it really felt like i was getting a really good bj

I jack off everyday and boy i couldnt get how to do this one but the way i tried sure felt nice
it really felt like i was getting a really good bj

It feels so good doing it this way this was the first time I ejaculated and had a awesome orgasim

Absoulutly loved this wan got my best ever orgasm. It's great to just lie back and close ur eyes just think about the woman of ur dreams sucking ur cock :D

it works but i really wish i could suck on my own dick! i almost can but it is hard=)

Wow I did this and it was awesome, It really felt like oral sex. Just bring up a pic a girl and do this technique. If you do it right its awesome. It really feels like I just got sucked off

I hold have had my headd sucked on when I was a teen. After marriage my wife only sucked my dick few times. I found this to be close to the same feeling.. I am gong keep up with the oral simulation

Sonds like it works, but it also seems a bit confusing, i think i get it though, can't wait to try

read this and was intrigued as I love getting head. so I opened up a girl I likes facebook pictures, spit on my fingers, and lets just say I am a very happy reader.

I did this and i just had my first orgasm, i have tried the other things but this one actually gave me a real orgasm..and it was GREAT. at the begining it was hard to figure out how to do it, u should put a pic or something.

i tried it but i dont think i was doing it correctly i kept reading the box of how to do it over and over again i think i do need help but i feel weird asking

i tried it but i dont think i was doing it correctly i kept reading the box of how to do it over and over again i think i do need help but i feel weird asking

I dont understand how to do this...can some please email me a picture or something...

Oh man, i was watching a porno and i had read this tried it and came so hard some jizz got on my face!great tech!

ahhhhh dude i came so hard to this!!everyone should try it!

this works great.i jerked off like this and BAM came like a race horse if anybody needs help just add a new comment asking and ill send you my e-mail thx

Oh man was that great I blew my load ever where

the comment under me is funny and gay =/ fags

The first time I tried this tech I really enjoyed it then I told my friend about and we wanked together it was great. Then we wondered what it would be really like to have Oral Sex so we did each other. It was really weird and his seamen tasted really weird.

I tried this and man did I explode!!

Wow - this really is a GREAT technique! A++++++ :-))

I put the baby-oil-gel recommended by jackinworld.com on my palms, gently grabbed my limp penis, closed my eyes and moved my hands/fingers up and down and around my penis, very slowly at first, teasing, increasing the speed only a little, slowing down again.... circling my glans with a well lubed fingertip... massaging the ridge at the back of my glans with my right palm and caressing the sensible spot underneath the piss-slit with my fingertip, while the index and middle finger of my left hand performed "the lips" and moved very softly up and down the shaft of my penis... it was as close as you«ll ever get to VERY good oral sex! The orgasm was overwhelming, and, well, I do this quite frequently now.

:-)) Enjoy this, too, and have fun! ...and best regards from Hamburg, Germany

I don't the instructions at all but one of the comments that said to just use the (Ok) or (Perfect) sign worked really well I ejaculated about 6 feet out and for a 14 year old I thought that that was pretty good

i think its pretty difcult to do this i think i got it but i dont know :S a picture would really help ! thanks

i don't really understand the directions, is there a picture or something or can you explain it differently?


it didnt work 4 me

Oh my god this felt great. i recomenned doing this.

this technique is awesome...i put a little lube on my fingers, and it felt just like oral sex...

eh I couldnt figure it out I tried and just could not orgasm

I think the best for females is to find the next best thing, a baseball bat with a condom on the handle. it willgive YOU the best oral sex you have had in a long time

yes,it is great. Can I also add my more recent discovery. Push bat and balls down between legs. Lie on one side, raising legs toward chest, and lube one hand well. Apply to penis and balls and inner thighs.It feels exquisite.

It had an actual oral stimulation by myself a few times as a teenager, but boy was it hard to achieve. I actually succeeded at giving it to myself, although I couldn't go any farther than the head. If would have tried more often if I had a longer thanusual hard on so I could have enjoyed it better. It felt ok but it's much better when it's easy or a woman puts her lips on it for you.